Last Updated: 2013-4-22  :: Heavy Alcohol Use May Increase Risk Cancer Death

Heavy alcohol use is strongly associated with liver problems but it seems it could also play a role in cancer survival. Researchers from China found that those who average three or more drinks per day were more likely to die from cancer than those who drank occasionally.

Last Updated: 2013-3-20  :: Mediterranean Diet May Reduce the Risk of Stroke in People with High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Diets have been blamed as a contributor to heart disease but some diets, like the Mediterranean diet, may help improve your health. In fact, researchers in Spain found that the Mediterranean diet may even decrease the risk of stroke in people heart disease risk factors.

Last Updated: 2013-3-20  :: Pelvic Floor Muscle Training During Pregnancy May Prevent Incontinence After Childbirth

Urinary incontinence is a common problem after childbirth. Pelvic floor muscle training can help relieve incontinence but a study in the United Kingdom found that training during pregnancy may help prevent incontinence from happening at all.

Last Updated: 2013-2-28  :: Certain Exercises May Help People with Knee Osteoarthritis

Exercise is a common and beneficial tool for people with osteoarthritis but the best options is not clear. A large review found that strength, aerobic, and pool exercises may provide the most benefits for reducing pain and improving function in people with osteoarthritis.

Last Updated: 2013-2-28  :: Up to One Egg Per Day Not Associated with Increased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease or Stroke

Eggs are a good source of protein but some are worried the cholesterol in eggs may increase the risk of heart disease or stroke. However, researchers found that eating up to 1 egg per day did not increase these risks.